Second Place at the Wildebeest 2017 Extreme 4×4 Night Challenge

The last competition of 2017 and a final chance for competitors to put points on the leader board, Team GOBI X lying second overall in the yearly points had it all to drive for.

Extreme 4x4

Keeping with recent tradition the November challenge in the Wildebeest 4×4 calendar is spiced up but holding the event at night. The fun starts at the point where the sun goes down, competitors then drive through the night until all the obstacles are finished

Zone 7 normally used to competitors powered by two wheels became a meeting place of the great and the good of the 4×4 community. After the safety briefing was over the night got off to a spectacular start with all competitors taking part in a time trial over the world class motor bike track at Zone 7. (View the video below)

This was followed by some very tricky and challenging obstacles if driven in the light but with the additional complication of night driving the obstacles was even more difficult.

When all the obstacles were driven and the dust allowed to settle Team GOBI X came in a very respectable second on the night and after a long and challenging year were placed second in the year ranking. Want to follow us next year then follow our Facebook page or sign up to receive our newsletter to keep up dated with all the latest Team GOBI X news.

(Click on the Video below)

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