Land Cruiser 76ser LHS Carrier

All Gobi-X products are designed by our in-house draughtsman in Solidworks. Gobi-X are market leaders in the design of their superior quality bumper carriers. A combination of Engineered, Laser cut and sectional parts are used to build these fully serviceable units. Our products all go through a 6 bath pre-treatment process including a final stage of Metal Phosphate coating for superior rust prevention. The pre-treatment process is followed by an automotive quality powder coating layer applied for extended durability.

Gobi-x Spare Wheel Carrier Fitting Instructions

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The arms pivot on conical wheel bearings making maintenance an absolute breeze. Our spindles are all manufactured using EN9 steel for extended durability and reliability. All arms are supplied with a double locking system to prevent un-supervised opening. Spare wheel carriers are supplied with number plate brackets and LED number plate lights. Built In South Africa With Pride!