Gobi-X presents an extensive selection of underbody protection plates. We’ve opted for 5182 Marine Grade aluminium for its exceptional strength against tough impacts while also being significantly lighter than comparable steel plates. Our range encompasses front sump and differential guards, transfer case guards, gearbox guards, and fuel tank guards.

3D Infrared Scanning

Gobi-X uses the latest in 3D Infrared scanning technology when engineering their full range of offroad accessories. The three dimensional real-time data created by scanning ensures a very high level of accuracy. This ensures our products can be easily replicated to high standards which then fit like a glove during the installation phase of the item.


Solidworks Design

Once our design Team has scanned the vehicle and gathered all the relevant 3D data points; this information is transferred to our Solidworks CAD design software. This is where the concept is born and then refined into a prototype unit! We then breakdown the design into individual components which are order and assembled for vehicle fitment.

This software is also used for our comprehensive fitting instructions and some marketing material

Laser Cutting and
CNC Bending

Gobi-X Expedition Gear’s current product range depends on over 3200 different individual components (2024) to build these products. These components need to be 100% accurate every time and the only way to ensure this level of accuracy is to have them laser cut and then bent to spec using CNC bending equipment. We use top quality raw materials which all comes with traceability spec certification.

Welding and Grinding

Currently all our welding and grinding is done by hand. Our highly skilled Team uses the latest in mig and tig welding technology and receives in house training regularly. We are proud to say we have a combined 140 years of welding experience and 60 years held by our grinding/finishing Team.

Powder Coating

After welding and grinding all our steel items get sent though our inhouse powder coating plant. The pre-treatment process is critical when it comes to any form of metal coating processes. We use a heated 7 treatment tank cleaning process to prep our material before it gets epoxy coated.

The cleaning process includes degreasing, acid etching and then a motor industry grade phosphate coating. Only then are the products ready to be sent for coating.

Powder or epoxy coating is highly durable and leaves our engineered product protected from the elements and looking very professional.

ISO 9001 Certified

Gobi-X Expedition Gear is ISO 9001 certified which ensures we keep to the international standards for quality management systems and quality assurance as set out by ISO. Applying these processes within our business ensures high levels of efficiency and quality within Gobi-X.

Detailed Fitting Instructions

All the Gobi-X Expedition Gear is supplied with a QR code which accesses a detailed set of fitting instructions and the fitting kit list. This allows all parts technicians access to this data to ensure accurate and efficient fitment of our product range. We always try our best to use OEM mounting points/holes were possible. A few of our products do require drilling for correct fitment.

Design Assembly
System (DAS)

All our complex products have been designed to be assembled using a “Tab and Slot System” before we commence welding. This again ensures very high levels of accuracy and speeds up the assembly process.

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