About Us

Established in 2011, Gobi-X Manufacturing has grown into one of the top manufacturers of offroad rear bumpers and 4×4 accessories in Southern Africa.

The name was derived from the majestic “Gobi” desert in Southern Mongolia and the “X” is for eXpedition gear. At Gobi-X we strive daily to improve our entire product range ensuring our clients keep seeing growth in our design, quality and service.

All our products are designed using Solidworks CAD software to ensure accuracy and consistency in our products. We use different materials for our product range including mild steel, aircraft grade aluminum and different grades of stainless steel; all depending on the specific component being manufactured.

As a company we make use of basic Kaizen principles, as used by Toyota Japan, making small improvements all the time. This means our staff and company grow daily and this feeds our goal of creating long term sustainability in this industry.

Through using Kaizen we have eliminated as much unnecessary waste as possible and the bit we do create all gets recycled. All our cardboard and steel gets collected regularly and we have rules and processes to help save water where possible. All our packaging material is manufactured from recycled material. We are proud to be South African and want to ensure we do our utmost to look after our country and planet.

Introduction Video to Gobi- X Manufacturing